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Bevis Long Barrow (site of)

 Created 05-01-2002   Last update 08-03-2003

Also known as Bevis Grave. It is a pre-historic site, which was excavated in  1815, when three skeletons and a broken spear were found within 12 inches of the surface. Another account made in 1828 by Dr. Sleight describes: was 100 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 6 feet high, and it lay due east west. Sixteen skeletons were found in it, each in a distinct grave, and three feet apart. An iron spear-head very like a Roman pilum, was found firmly embedded in the neck vertebra of one of the skeletons... 

 It was re-excavated in 1978, when a Saxon cemetery with pre-Christian and Christian burials was found. A Roman Road crossed here. Today the site is an un-marked field. 


Aerial photo site location    Grid Ref SU692064

1949 map of Bevis Grave

A 1949 map showing the location of Bevis Grave.

Bevis long barrow site

An un-remarkable photo of the site of the Bevis Long Barrow at Camp Down. Its location is not included on maps anymore. On the left of the skyline a Cell Phone mast can be seen, built on the site of an  ROC monitoring post.