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Topic Description
About Portsdown Describes Portsdown past and present in text and photographs
Aerial Location Photos Aerial photos of Portsdown with links to locations
Aerial Photos of Portsdown A series of aerial photos taken by the author: Bob Hunt
Author of this website Tells you a bit about me, and how this website came to be created
Bedhampton Vaults Old vaults once used by a long gone pub
Bevis Long Barrow (site of) Portsdown underground 4000 years ago
Burial Ground Bronze Age and Anglo Saxon burial ground
Cave 1 Cave use as a pantry by an old teashop
Cave 2 Cave used as an air raid shelter in Candy's Pit
Christ Church Portsdown A Victorian built Church with remarkable links to Portsdown's Military past.
Civil Defence Bunker Portsmouth and Hampshire's cold war bunker
Cooper Shelter WWII private air-raid shelters in Paulsgrove Chalk Pit
Cosham War Diaries WWII diary extracts of Blitzed Portsdown
Dead Man's Copse The intriguing history of this place and its memorials 
Falklands Memorial Plantation A forgotten and abandoned memorial to the UK's Falklands War dead.
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions - answered
Farlington Aqueducts Old tunnels beneath Portsdown
F/O James Tillett Memorial dedicated to this Battle of Britain pilot.
Fort Nelson Suspected countermine in the north ditch
Fort Purbrook tunnel No1 Examines the legends and mysteries connected with Fort Purbrook, Farlington Redoubt and Crookhorn Redoubt.
Fort Purbrook tunnel No2 Describes how a long lost service tunnel from Fort Purbrook was re-discovered and documented
Fort Purbrook tunnel No3 A cavern found the ditch during scrub clearance and how its history was discovered
Fort Widley memorial Memorial to a miner who was killed during construction of the tunnels under one of the Palmerston Forts.
Fort Widley Midden Victorian underground cesspits
Fort Southwick Midden Fort Southwick cesspits 
Fuel bunkers Massive underground Naval oil reservoir
Fuel Pipeline Traces the route of the fuel bunker pipeline
Gobs Long Barrow Site of a Bronze age warrior
GPO PR1 Repeater Station Cold war hardened GPO repeater station
Green Pipes Green Pipe behind the Churchillian pub
Grenade accident Tragic accident in 1945 involving two young boys.
Heavy Anti-aircraft batteries HAA batteries on Portsdown during WWII
Palace Café & Restaurant If you are looking for a place to eat when visiting Portsdown then I strongly recommend this Café. 
Hillsley Road Mystery Looks at the strange underground happenings in the Hillsley Road area of Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, UK.  
Hurricane Crash Site Site of WWII aircraft crash
Interdiction Gun Battery WWII anti-invasion defence. Targeting and casemates
Links Links to other similar sites

London Road Shelter

WWII public tunnel shelter
Mediaeval Church Deserted mediaeval village (Widley) and church 
Minor Updates Page Lists the past minor updates to this site. Major updates are on the Home Page.
NATO comms centre Cold war NATO underground communications centre
Panoramic location photos Gives an idea of where many sites are on Portsdown
Paulsgrove Chalkpit General information on Portsdown's largest Chalk Pit
Paulsgrove Housing Estate History of the Paulsgrove Housing Estate
Paulsgrove Racecourse Portsmouth's pre-WWII racecourse
Pill Box - Pinks Hill The only WWII pill box remaining on Portsdown
Pilot Sgt Lake The mystery of the stained glass window in Christ Church
Portsdown Location Plan Shows where Portsmouth and Portsdown are
Portsdown Main The old ASWE building dominating the west Portsdown skyline
Portsdown Telegraphs Lists the details of the two stations which existed on Portsdown which linked the Admiralty to Portsmouth
Portsdown Walk No 1 Details a walk on Portsdown which visits 5 different locations featured on this website. Includes all the maps and instructions you need
Portsdown Then and Now Old photos of Portsdown compared with the modern day equivalent.
Portsdown Walk No 2 Details a walk on Portsdown which visits 7 different locations featured on this website. Includes all the maps and instructions you need
Portsdown Walk No 3 Details a walk on Portsdown which visits 2 different locations featured on this website. Includes all the maps and instructions you need
Portsdown WWII photos Photos of Portsdown and the surrounding areas during the war years
Portsmouth & the cold war General information
'Q' Site WWII bomber decoy site
Radio Station WWII underground radio station in Paulsgrove Chalk Pit
Racecourse Lane Pillbox WWII Pillbox undergoing destruction
Repeater Station Info Describes the purpose of a Repeater Station 
ROC Monitoring Post Cold war ROC post "HAVANT"
Sgt Henry Gallagher The resting place of a Rorke's Drift combatant
Spigot Mortar Spigot Mortar weapons pit east of Paulsgrove Chalkpit
Tunnel Shelters General info on the 2 deep tunnel shelters in Portsdown
Underground Headquarters WWII Underground Headquarters for operation Overlord underneath Fort Southwick
Website Information Contains technical info about this site, and why it was created this way
Wymering Manor Legendary tunnel between the Manor and the Church 
Wymering Shelter WWII public tunnel shelter
WWI redoubt Anti-invasion redoubt built on a Victorian redoubt site.