Fort Widley

 Created 10-05-2002   Last update 19-04-2008

During the Victorian era the Health and Safety standards, whilst not completely absent, did leave room for improvement, and it is probable that during the construction of the Palmerston Forts accidents were frequent and serious. In the 1860s during the digging of the tunnels which give access to the magazine and Caponiers under Fort Widley, one such fatal accident occurred. A roof fall caused the death of one of the miners, and a little memorial to him can still be seen carved into the chalk tunnel by his colleagues. 

Aerial photo site location    Grid Ref SU656065

Fort Widley Memorial

 The symbol of a headstone and cross carved into the chalk with the letters NH inscribed on it.. Further along this tunnel is a cold war Civil Defence Bunker 

Photo supplied and interpreted by Ian Spivey

 Fort Widley Masons Mark

 Along the tunnel, between the Barracks and the northern Flanking Gallery, is this Freemasons symbol. It is carved high up in the in the chalk, and is protected by a Perspex cover.

Photo interpreted by Ian Spivey