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Underground Websites

Bunker NRW

This is a German forum website dealing with North-Rhine/Westphalia bunkers, shelters and Industrial ruins. 


Contains pictures, locations and other information about bunkers situated on the Atlantic Wall during World War 2.

Friends of HMS Forward

Friends of HMS Forward Naval Headquarters, Newhaven.
One mile north of Newhaven lie the remains of a deep subterranean
WW2 Naval Headquarters that liased with similar naval plots at
Dover and Fort Southwick. Recognised by English Heritage to be of
National Importance. Book and Video available.

Friends of Williamson's Tunnels

Examines the strange underground kingdom beneath Liverpool. Sites don't come much better than this.

G8HUL's web page

Many and varied military and underground sites, plenty of pictures.

Kent Underground Research Group

This group was formed in 1981 to carry out research into the origins, use and history of the many subterranean features of Kent and the South East.

National Association of Mining History Organisation

Amongst other things it has links to just about every mining history group in the UK.

Scotland's Secret bunker

Scotland’s best kept secret for over 40 years, "Until Now" Hidden beneath a Scottish Farmhouse, a tunnel leads to Scotland’s Secret Bunker. 24,000 square feet of secret accommodation on two levels, 100 feet underground.

Subterranea Britannica

The study and investigation of all man-made & man used underground places. The UK's premier underground site.

Subterranean Exploration

Exploring disused bunkers, forts and tunnels in and around Kent. Plenty of well presented underground information.

The Underground at War

Concise and informative site about wartime London Underground with original pictures.

Underground Kent

Ex-military tunnels, Napoleonic fortifications and Underground tunnels of Kent.


Hampshire and Portsmouth Websites

A Tale Of One City

Visitors can add information about the people, places and topics that tell the story of Portsmouth plus their own memories, pictures and comments. A well thought out site created in 2012.

AboutMyArea PO6

If you live in Farlington, Drayton, Cosham, Wymering or Paulsgrove then this is your very own community website. 

Christ Church Portsdown

Built to serve the Garrisons of the Victorian Portsdown Forts. During WWII the Knights' Vigil was held there for the Second Army prior to their departure for the Normandy beaches on Operation Overlord.

Coleshill House

Hampshire Auxiliary Unit patrols and their operational bases. If you have any information about this topic then they would love to hear from you.

Friends of Portsdown
The Friends are local people who enjoy Portsdown Hill in one way or another and wish to keep it as an important amenity for everyone to enjoy. They are independent but have strong links with the Portsdown Hill Countryside Service based at Fort Widley, and with the Portsdown Hill Conservation Volunteers.

Hampshire Auxiliary Unit patrols and their operational bases. If you have any information about this topic then they would love to hear from you.

Hampshire Constabulary History Society

A very interesting and well researched site. Includes a section on the Police Stations of Portsmouth.

Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust - Portsmouth District Group

The website name sums it up nicely. This is a link to the excellent and up-to-date section on Portsdown.

Hantsweb - Hampshire County Council web site

A website packed with useful information. Easy to use and kept up to date.

Memorials & Monuments In Portsmouth

A website dedicated to the memory of both the service personnel and the civilians whose lives are remembered on the Memorials and Monuments in the Portsmouth area.

The Hayling Billy Line

Packed full of information about the famous railway line that served Hayling Island for over 100 years.

The Needles Battery

Constructed between 1861-95 as a defence against French invasion, the forts are on the most westerly point of the Isle of Wight and overlook one of Britain's most famous coastal landmarks. A very well designed website.

Palmerston Forts Society

All about the Victorian fortifications of Portsmouth, and beyond

Portsmouth From the Air

Hundreds of aerial photographs of Portsmouth spread over several decades, starting from the 1950s. A very useful research tool.

Portsmouth Society

Interested in the preservation of the best of Portsmouth's existing environment of buildings, streets, open spaces, seashore, and more.


Radio Amateurs' EmergencY NETwork. The SE Hants branch is based at Fort Widley. They provide a flexible communications service for major civil emergencies or related exercises, and for local community events.

Welcome to Portsmouth

A guide to everything Portsmouth.


Military Websites

20th Century Cumbrian Defence Architecture Pages

A gazetteer of 20th Century defence infrastructure within Cumbria
Photos and histories of air-crashes, air-raids and other wartime stories.

Allies in War

This site was originally started for "Girls in the UK who married Allied Servicemen and moved overseas". It has now become an historical & educational web site for conflicts involving Britain and its Allies.

Auxiliary Units 1940 - 1944

Records all aspects of the Auxiliary Units, who were to carry on fighting the enemy after the invasion of England. Exceptionally well presented site.  

Castles & Fortifications of England and Wales

This site has information on 900 English and Welsh castles, fortified manor houses, Bishop's Palaces, Pele towers and coastal forts built since the eleventh century.

Coleshill House

This website is about the Auxiliary Unit and their training at Coleshill House located on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border.

A website for making contact with your Old Oppos. It caters for all three services and has many useful features and links.

Pirate Storm

Supplies a fair list of Historic War Battles as recommended by Sarah in Vermont.

Secret Bases

A guide to using Internet based research tools to reveal the locations of the UK Government's "hidden" MoD laboratories and military sites. 

Timeline of World War Two

Provides some good links to WWII events. Recommended by Haylee and her kids...


Places to visit on Portsdown


Details walks on Portsdown allowing you to visit locations featured on this website. Includes all the maps and instructions you need.

Walk No1
Walk No2
Walk No3

Churchillian Pub  (SU 660064)

Situated to the east of Fort Widley. If you want to pay £12 for a cheese-burger then this is the place for you. Easy parking.

Fort Nelson  (SU 607071)

Part of the Royal Armouries, extensive site, plenty of exhibits, lots to explore. Free entry and parking. Home of the Palmerston Forts Society.

Fort Purbrook (SU 678064)

Guided visits available all year round, but they must be pre-booked. Extensive tunnels. Free parking.

Booking enquiries:

Fort Purbrook  - 023-9232-1223


Fort Widley (SU 656064)

Guided visits available all year round, but they must be pre-booked via Fort Purbrook - see above for phone number.  Tour includes the Civil Defence cold war bunker. Extensive tunnels. Nature trail nearby. Free parking.

George Inn (SU 667064)

Good traditional pub. Good Food. Nature trail nearby. Free parking.

Palace Café & Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to eat when visiting Portsdown then I strongly recommend the Palace Café & Restaurant. It serves excellent food and service is always with a smile. The menu is varied and the premises are spotlessly clean.

Viewpoint (SU 662064)

To the east of Fort Widley. Fantastic views of Portsmouth, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbour, the IOW, Hayling and the Solent. Nature trial. Picnic area. Mick's burger van does very good value food (I should know). Ice cream van on site. Free parking.


Bibliography & References

 These books were all available from the Hampshire Library Service, and were used in research for this website for which I thank the authors. If I have published anything for which due credit has not been given then please contact me.

Special thanks to the staff at Portchester Library for their cheerful and efficient service.

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