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GPO PR1 Protected Repeater Station

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Ventilation trunking access door


047 - Ventilation trunking access door.


Test equipment.

046 - Test equipment. The upper instrument is a selective measuring set which could be tuned to a particular channel or pilot frequency to take measurements. The lower set is a tuneable High Frequency Oscillator.

Monitoring station

038 - The grey switchboard middle right, with the silver dial was part of M.A.T.E. which was provided in large repeater stations. Details here.


NEW - 19-01-2013

The rack to the right of the MATE is 56 Type equipment practice. See how similar it looks to 51 Type but note the '1/2' sized shelf near the bottom. Another difference between 51 Type and 56 Type was the size of the rack connectors which enabled the rapid replacement of a shelf unit. The 56 Type was slightly smaller to allow for the greater density required.
Graeme Marett January, 2013


010 - The jack strips are test trunks running around the station so the engineer can intercept a particular circuit at the RDF, amplifier etc back to this position and perform audio testing. Sending and receiving tones at various frequencies to the engineer at the the far end of the circuit to measure and vice versa. When a private wire is provided, a sweep of frequency/loss is recorded on its record card.



032 - As photo 010 above.


Repair bench 


021 - Repair bench.


 Repair bench. 

031 -  Repair bench.

Pilot measuring set

033 - Pilot measuring set and '62 type' equipment practice. These names refer to the year of introduction for these rack types.


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