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Meeting room

 A meeting room on the first floor situated between the central front columns.

View from Balcony

 A view south from the balcony of the meeting room in the previous photo at 390 feet (120m) above sea level. In the foreground is Paulsgrove and the M27. Centre ground left is Port Solent and right Portchester Castle. Beyond this on the left is Portsmouth and on the right Gosport. Beyond that lies the Solent and finally the Isle of Wight.

Basement corridor

 There was a rumour that there were three levels of basement below this building. There was in fact one, and it occupied a quarter of the buildings floor area on the western side. It was used for document storage.


 The strong room for secure storage.

Emergency escape route

 This emergency escape tunnel led outside the building via the ladder to an escape hatch on the lawn.


 A view eastwards of the central quadrangle or courtyard. The 'art deco' style prevailed here as well. The front stairwell was on the right. Two buildings were added here with the one in mid-ground still remaining in 2004.


At the back of the main building were the workshops and other support buildings still with the distinctive architectural style. The whole site had a feel of 'post nuclear Britain' about it.

View towards Fort Southwick

 Looking west at the ramparts of neighbouring Fort Southwick.


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